Efficano is a unique brand that offers a premium blend of artisan-specialty coffee and health supplements in Nespresso* compatible capsules. Each product is thoughtfully crafted to enhance various aspects of your life. Efficano's range includes Libido Booster Coffee, Fitness Fuel Coffee, and Probiotic Coffee, each combining high-quality coffee with specific supplements for targeted benefits. We promise more than just caffeine – we offer an enhanced coffee experience tailored to your lifestyle needs.














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Fresh, Artisan & Specialty Coffee

Indulge in a world where specialty coffee meets purpose. Efficano is more than just a cup; it's an experience crafted to enhance your lifestyle.

Fitness Fuel Coffee Capsules

(Nespresso* Compatible)

Description: Power up your fitness routine with our Fitness Fuel Coffee. This blend combines the bold flavor of Ristretto beans with performance-enhancing supplements, perfect for the fitness enthusiast.

Key Ingredients: Creatine Monohydrate (Creapure®), Beta-Alanine, Citrulline Malate, L-Arginine.

Health Benefits: Supports muscle endurance and recovery, boosts workout performance, and enhances energy production.

Probiotic Coffee Capsules

(Nespresso* Compatible)

Description: Embrace a healthier gut with our Probiotic Coffee. This innovative blend offers the delightful richness of Ristretto beans, coupled with a powerful probiotic formula.

Key Ingredients: Specially Formulated Probiotic Blend, Over 50 Billion Microorganisms.

Health Benefits: Promotes gut health and digestion, supports the immune system, and contributes to overall health and well-being.

Libido Booster Coffee Capsules

(Nespresso* Compatible)

Description: Elevate your intimate moments with our Libido Booster Coffee. This unique blend not only offers the rich taste of premium Ristretto beans but also includes natural aphrodisiacs and energy boosters.

Key Ingredients: Epimedium Extract, Maca Root Extract, Ginger Powder, Red Ginseng, Motherwort.

Health Benefits: Enhances libido and sexual vitality, improves energy levels, and supports overall wellness.

It's more than coffee; it's an invitation to experience change

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For the health-conscious urbanite like You

Our specialty coffee capsules are more than just a caffeine fix. They're a delicious, functional boost to your day!
We believe in responsibility towards the planet. Our coffee beans are ethically sourced, and our capsules are environmentally friendly & recyclable.

Top Reviews

Efficano's Libido Booster Coffee has truly added a spark to our intimate moments. The unique blend not only tastes amazing but also delivers on its promise to ignite passion. It has become a must-have in our daily routine. Highly recommend!
Love it...
Fitness Fuel Coffee by Efficano has become my go-to pre-workout boost. The rich, invigorating taste combined with performance-enhancing supplements has taken my workouts to the next level. It's the perfect companion for anyone serious about fitness.
Yes Yes...
Discovering Efficano Probiotics Coffee was a game-changer for me. Knowing that each cup supports my digestive health and boosts my immunity makes my daily coffee ritual even more enjoyable. The transparency about the quality of ingredients is something I truly appreciate.

Each capsule is a carefully crafted recipe, designed to tantalize your taste buds and offer health benefits that go beyond caffeine. Whether it's a boost to your workout, a spark in your love life, or a dose of daily wellness, Efficano has a blend for every moment of your life.

Think of Efficano as the artisanal chef of the coffee world.

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This was my first time using probiotics, and I found them to be very gentle on my sensitive system.

imporved blood flow & more

L-Arginine improves blood flow, Creatine aids in energy production, the pairing of Epimedium with Citrulline Malate creates a potent mix for both energy and endurance and Beta-Alanine helps in reducing muscle fatigue: what do we need more?

the mood..

Efficano streamlines my daily schedule while guaranteeing a reliable and effective probiotic dosage.

Essential for gut well-being.

Overall, the positive experience with this product, from its efficacy to the smooth purchasing process, has solidified its place among my "must-haves."

Convenient delight

a great choice.


It brings tears to my eyes to admit that I might have found the cure for my anxiety & fast mood changes – yes, I said "cure."

Unlock the magic of health with Efficano Probiotic Coffee.

the fact is :it is an ideal companion for those with a busy, on-the-go lifestyle.

Good energy boost

Efficano's Facebook ad was a surprise that led me to a great preworkout.


I was looking for a supplement to combat fast fatigue in bedroom, and got something that helped me with much more.

Just what you need for an active day

If you're serious about fitness and love coffee, Efficano is a no-brainer.

Good for Energy!

Are you ready?

another level of probiotics

I am satisfied. thank you Efficano.

Good Stuff

The Facebook ad was quite persuasive, so I ordered these capsules. No regrets whatsoever.

nespresso compatible

Looking forward for the results. I will be recommending this product for sure!

drink water

Remember to stay well-hydrated when taking this supplement; drinking plenty of water is crucial. Also, it's important to do your research and understand the loading phase that's appropriate for your needs. Proper hydration and a well-planned loading phase are key to maximizing the benefits of your Fitness supplement.

what a kick guys

gives me nice kick

the Flow of efficano

YOPI finally is here

Coffee That Excites

This is a wonderful product. The price is reasonable for a product that works so well.

This isn't just a supplement

it's an investment in your fitness and well-being

Fantastic Buy!!!!

The Facebook advertisement was convincing, so I bought these capsules. They've surpassed my expectations.

mood drive

50 billion live cultures with coffee capsules: I love the idea


Not only prepare my body for a workout but also my mind.

Love it!!

I will reorder before I run out!

easy product

Easy recommend.

Thank you!

Love the taste of those coffee capsules. The packaging is also very beautifull. The support team answered all my questions before i made my order. Thank you.