About Efficano

Efficano, a distinguished brand under the company Smexi, launched in the Netherlands in 2021 with a KVK number (commerce register) of 82311668. Our inception was driven by a vision to make a substantial impact on the world. We are not just about offering premium products; we are about creating a legacy of positive change. We believe in the power of good – good coffee, good health, and good deeds.

... a Better Tomorrow!

Expanding Our Horizons

Looking ahead, Efficano is excited to introduce new products to our range. We are exploring additions like coffee collagen and expanding our offerings to include various capsule types, ground coffee, and tea with supplements. These new products are designed to cater to the demands of a stressful and rapid lifestyle, offering both comfort and health benefits.

A Heartfelt Promise

At Efficano, we promise more than just exceptional products. We promise a journey towards a better self and a better world. Join us in this journey, and experience the change that comes with every cup.

Join the Efficano Family

Be a part of our story. With every purchase, you're not just enjoying a premium coffee experience; you're contributing to a larger cause. Together, let's brew a better future.